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Stoppa 3:05am Freestyle is Gaining Well Deserved Attention!

Updated: Mar 28

Stoppa gains mass amount of attention on recent digital single release of 3:05am Freestyle. Stoppa's lastest release "3:05am Freestlye" features a style of rap that ignites a listeners nostalgia in reference to the beloved flow patterns of the gone, but certainly not fogotten Nipsey Hustle. Stoppa acknowledges the resemblance "...Doing everything off a whim, get this s**t on film, n***az keep comparing me to Nip, guess I'm one of them..." stating cleary he would likely accept the comparison given that he is just doing him and if that leads to being compared to greatness, than he must be destined for greatness himself, being one of "Them". Listeners should take in account the impactful intro monologue from the movie "Pursuit of Happiness". During a climatic scene in the film actor Will Smith tells his son "Dont event let somebody tell you that you can't do somthing, you got a dream you got to protect it". The use of audio clips such a this compounded with a sophisticated beat patterns and influential cadences, showcases the level of pure talent and potential possesed by the music artist known as Stoppa. Listeners can hear Stoppa - 3:05am Freestyle available on all DSP's.





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