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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

"THE MIC" co-host and dj DJ JSO recently interviewed with Rec Philly creator, "Lil Dessi Cat, Meoowwww" a 24 year old graduate From Boston, MA. An entertainment journalist! Who interviews music artists and connects talent. Her brand/company Lil Dessi Cat TV started a year ago, when while in Grad school binge watching Hot Ones and Nardwuar episodes, when she reportedly came to the conclusion "Hmm I want to do this!". She says ultimately she is still developing her brand but have a solid foundation to build on. Lil Dessi Cat TV brings Vibrant, Engaging, and Inquisitive people who are interested in Psychology and Hip Hop culture, music and trends. When asked about ambitions and where she sees her brand in the near future, she says "Hosting MTV interviews with young emerging artist or beside Sean Evans doing a spin off to Hot Ones".

Having such an amazing platform with some interesting goals we expected Dessi to have some impressive secret influence, however she had this to say, "I am actively looking for mentors tbh. I do best when I am guided and can consult with someone seasoned. If you are willing to connect me with anybody, Thank you in advance". Certainly, there are many in our network that could mentor this high energy talent, however even we are certain even without a mentor this creator is a force in her field and will surely create genuine connections that will follow through out her career. Currently, she is working on producing more interviews with artists, reaching new people and engaging her audience. During COVID, we all faced struggles, so we asked what was one of her main struggles? She replied with "Being in grad school, being 6hrs away from home and no income. Being so young and no family support while I'm pursuing my dreams and really figuring myself out... I was depressed, and started binge watching Hot Ones, Drink Champs and Nardwuar". Clearly this things turned around for the better and we are now witnessing the rise of a new creator inspired by the works of other great creators. You can find Lil Dessi Cat's content via YOUTUBE!! Subscribe to LilDessiCatTV for interview content and more. She says creators may connect and collaborate with her via TikTok/IG: LilDessiCat.

Lil Dessi Cat closed out our interview with these remarks "Thank you for this article, I would love to collaborate in the near future as well. I'm on my personal development journey and I hope to inspire others who are going through the same stage, if that's you..reach out!".

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