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Duece’s breakout hit Famous showcases lyrical abilities with punchy one-liners...

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

With melodies unmatched and lyrical storytelling rarely seen in the Philadelphia Hip-Hop seen, Duece DaGod hailing from North Philly offers versatility, style, talent, and the vibes that can ignite a party. Duece’s breakout hit Famous showcases all his abilities with punchy one-liners, melody that evokes hopeful feelings of success, and concert level lyrics anybody would want to sing out loud. Duece DaGod’s premiere project, Our Year, highlights Duece’s celebrational and motivational lyricism as well as his superb ear ability to select beats tailored to his melody and style, Including 2020 smashes such as Still Partying, Duece continues to climb Hip-Hop’s underground scene as a versatile, capable, and exceptional artist with a proven track record of songs that can turn up any social event or listening session.



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