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As of September 2021, Coi Leray and Blueface had not publicly confirmed any romantic relationship. However, they were seen together in a few social media posts and videos, leading to rumors that they may be dating. It's unclear if these rumors were true or if they were just friends collaborating on music and social media content. This may come as a surprise to some as many know rapper Blueface has been publicly connected romantically to Chrisean Rock who was introduced as a competitor on his OnlyFans reality show Blue Girl's Club.

You may question "Well whats Jason Lee have to do with it"? During an interview with Mona host of "Don't Call Me White Girl" podcast, Jason Lee shared that Coi Leray questioned why he would interview the likes of Blueface and Chrisean after interviewing Cardi B. Lee stating Coi Leray called him and said she wanted to do the show, "Your influenctional, your that nigga, your big, but it's not a good look for me." "Chrisean threaten to beat Coi ass if she seen her." Lee also states. Jason Lee is in the business of interviewing people, He and Coi Leray were going to do big numbers." Lee and Leray have since unfollowed each other on social media.

Lee did a follow up interview on his own show "The Jason Lee Show" where he addressed more allegations about Coi Leray calling him and saying she called Diddy. Lee stating she was trying to "stop his bag" and have him "cancelled." He went on to say no one could have him cancelled and Coi should be worried about "Cancelling a world tour, if she could book one, worry about cancelling a single, if she could get it to the top of the charts." Lee also stated Diddy had just given him graces for having a great show and that he works for himself, while also being partnered with Diddy and Revolt TV for his show.

Lee went on to say Leray is a misguided young girl that should have never approached "The Devil" and she does not know any better. Lee continued with "she doesn't even have a copper plaque or that much pull in the industry to even think she could have something done to me." Lee also mentioned that he has given many people grace allowing them to tuck their kids in at night and that many people think "he is pussy". He states "He still rides around, he still in the clubs, and still has possession of his own firearm." Lee quoted Charlamagne saying "your useless unless you can be used." Lee gave himself his own graces for handling the situation as well as he did, but also issues a warning saying he's ready to bring old Jason Lee back and stop playing with people and that he's ready to fight back on all the battles.

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