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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Ever since her first album Bonni3 no Clyde released in 2018 with 8 songs in total she has been working tirelessly. From developing her business to working extra hard in the studio to drop hit songs, she has gone the extra mile. This female artist has definitely proven to many to be a force in the modern music industry. She is a woman with a plan no doubt and after recently charting on Itunes and being published in many well known publications such as CBS, FOX, Vents Magazine, Influencive, Limitless, RedX and more, we can only assume this is a gear up for verification on social platforms. Manifesting and spirituality is what she knows best and has managed to stay positive throughout so many bad moments in life and believes so strongly in the universe giving back. So many setbacks have pushed her forward and she believes many would have thought she'd quit music by now and regardless she is still going. A lot like Bonnie the infamous outlaw from the 1930’s this Bonni3 is heavily motivated and has a strong vision on what she wants and she gets it. Have you recently heard her most recent tracks? If you haven’t just grab a drink, sit down and vibe. In 2019 COVID-19 hit the world and shut it down. In 2020 the world went quiet and Instead of focusing on all the bad going on in the world and feeling stuck with the shutdown, it helped her quiet her mind and focus on the good in her life and started experimenting with different sounds. Paralyzed was born! A new single developed with a modern rock sound, unlike her prior releases. This new sound of hers had even propelled her to chart on Itunes! In 2019 Bonni3 was focusing more on herself and her craft along with how to make her business grow. It was about growing, creating and healing for her in those times. Due to those efforts today she has recently launched her first online publication titled “Limitless Magazine”. This is a publication that caters to all types of go- getters and highlights their accomplishments within their industries. Today, she is also working on creating new bangers! She says "It’s definitely something you would listen to and it’s sure to make an impact on my audience and the rest of the world!" Be sure to check out her latest hit “You Are” and charting hit "Paralyzed" and remember the name and the face. She really is a true catalyst for the culture who has a huge heart and a knack for innovation.



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