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In case you missed it 1800SafeSexxx Music Fest 2022 was what any attendee would consider a complete success. 1800SafeSexxx Fest Presented by Philadelphia resident DJ Selekta XXX & Lemonade PHL, is about “Mental Stimulation and Togetherness” according to Selekta XXX presenter of the event, “It's all creatives coming together collaborating and networking”. The festival style concert located at “The Lawn” in Ucity Square featured not only some of the best performers and creatives but also showcased multiple DJ booths with popular east coast Djs including Dj Aktive, Dj Tizz, Amber Lang, Dj Crazy, Dj Afrik & more. The festival was also packed with phenomenal vendors like Joke’s On Us, Art In Motion, Unique Kreations, This Is Good Water & more, with additional sponsors for the festival like Play Room & Belaire responsible for drinks and hookah services for the evening and “Candor Cam” who ran a public 360 photo booth, as well as, other huge brands like RecPhilly and Audiomack among others.

In addition the festival also housed 2 food trucks, a mobile billboard and VIP pavilion nestled just behind the “Eve’s Pergola” main stage. The VIP pavilion reserved for special guests, included an open bar and comfortable seating and shade as well as sponsors meet and greet tables for RecPhilly and “ATMOS”. Overall the festival was well designed and put together with many props and scenes to take photos with friends or selfies for the socials. Including a cherry red BMW drop top model with a beautiful arrangement of flowers all around and two “Blow Up Dolls” in the driver and passenger seats. However this wasn't the only spectacle of the evening as performers began to take the stage by 2pm Est. Brianna Castro was among first to hit the stage performing with an electric guitar, drawing in the attention of the attendees and touching hearts with her melodies. Among next to hit the stage was break out talent N3wyrkla, PeteyxKraze, Hovlaine and rising stars Mec Monroe and FH Snoop among other dope talent. Late Night w/ Ler & Lionel hosted a live podcast followed by another set of dope performances by Aye Boogie, It's Feese, DJ Crazy and the lady of the hour Selekta Xxx herself. 1800SafeSexxx Music Fest is a true example of the power creative cultivation and was a complete success for it’s 3rd year in a row. For content and more follow the official events page on ig @lemonadephl or visit their site

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